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News from the isthmus

News from the isthmus

Hello my treetop lovers,

As some of you already know, we decided to divide and conquer! I have been in Panama for the past couple of weeks now, hunting down potential investors, following up leads, speaking to potential partners and just getting the bíku name out there.

Back home

I must say it has been great to be living back home after so many years away. In some ways I feel the same way I felt when I first moved to the UK, a period of adjustment and getting used to the way of life. Having left Panama at 17/18 years old you could say I have lived away for most of my adult life. So it’s getting used to the changes that have happened in Panama since I left.

Even though only two weeks, it has been a bit difficult at times but we are prepared for this and as they say – you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

Follow those leads

I’ve been knocking on those doors, email ‘stalking’,, whatever it takes to get bíku off the ground. I have some exciting meetings lined up in the next few weeks – and Zabrina has got some exciting things in the pipeline back in London, so watch this space.

I want to leave you with something that I read a while ago: inspiration is like bathing, it’s very effective but it must be practised on a regular basis(!).

Stay inspired mi gente.

Until next time, #liveslow!

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Someone who has inspired me since the very first day that I met him – since the very first conversation I had with him when he was still working at Ace Hotel (London) – is my good friend Nathan Miller…documentary filmmaker extraordinaire.

A lot of people – including me – are inspired by well-known, successful individuals who have already been through their struggle to get where they are today, those who are already ‘on the other side’. But – for me, what is even more inspiring is seeing the journey, seeing someone going through that ‘struggle’ and making sacrifices today for where they want to be tomorrow, not knowing but believing in getting to that ‘other side’. Meet Nathan Miller.

A higher education

I remember one conversation in particular that I had with Nathan about him telling his parents, teachers and friends that he – at the age of 17 – was not planning to go to university. Instead, he was going to pursue his dream of becoming a filmmaker. He wanted to show young people in the community that anything is possible if you believe. I’m sure you can imagine what the response was, the ‘are you sures’ and ‘how are you going to do thats’.

But Nathan, more than having a dream had the vision, and that is something I took away that day. He taught me that you are never too old to learn and you are never too young to teach.

He knew what he wanted so clearly that he could step in to it like it had already happened.

The grind

He had his drive, his determination, his commitment from such a young age. When others were partying and doing teenage things he was grinding. Wow, what a guy. I am so proud to call him my friend.

Monday marked the release of Nathan’s fourth documentary, ‘Northside’, which looks at Toronto’s rap scene. Reviews have been stunning, it has been described as a ‘must-watch’. Check out Nathan’s profile on Instagram for the link to watch on YouTube.

You inspire me, brother.

Until next time … #liveslow!

Inspired by social business

Inspired by social business

This week we’ve posted a few things on social media about projects and people that inspire us. Inspiration and being inspired keeps us pursuing our dream. It pushes us forward and it keeps us going on those really tough days when we question and doubt ourselves and wonder what the hell we’re doing!!

Face your fears

Whenever we tell people about our bíku project, their initial reaction is wow – that’s so exciting, and so cool. Of course we love this reaction because what we’re trying to achieve is exciting (to us), it is amazing and we love it. But, sometimes, doing something different is terrifying! Every day we need to push ourselves to make sure that we reach our goal. There are no personal trainers organising our routine or our daily plans, no one shouting at us when we feel like giving up. We have to do this ourselves – which at times can be really tough. Having people and projects to inspire us is even more important at these low points. They remind us that doing the impossible, is possible!

Ariel faces another fear…his fear of frogs. And with Bocas del Toro full of these amazing guys – poison dart frogs – he’s going to have to get over his fear, fast!

Who inspires us?

So – who are our main inspirations? Well, some are closer to home, including friends and family, and others are world renowned. For me, Muhammad Yunus is a huge inspiration for our biku project and on a personal level. I’m not sure how Yunus would describe himself. By education he is an economist, but I think he was one of if not the very first, true social entrepreneur. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for founding and his work with Grameen Bank, which was and remains a pioneer in providing microfinance for the poor. For all you creatives and social business…ers of the future, the Grameen Creative Lab is a great way to keep up to date with anything social business related!

Yunus has dedicated his life to helping people break out of poverty, and has always kept principles of sustainability at the core of his work. Looking at what Yunus has achieved, at what Grameen has achieved, it just seems impossible. A glance at the ‘Grameen Family’ section of the Yunus Centre website shows the magnitude of this man’s work. If you want to know more about Yunus and how Grameen began, I would strongly recommend that you read Yunus’s book, ‘Building Social Business: The New Kind of Capitalism that Serves Humanity’s Most Pressing Needs’.

From being inspired to inspiring others

We’re inspired every day – often by people who are working on personal, creative projects or in the community. They are driven by passion rather than a desire for recognition. We try to surround ourselves with people who are inspiring, people who don’t settle for the status quo – you know who you are! We can only hope that one day we can inspire others. That would be an honour.