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Speaking with Lara Sengupta, founder of CorkYogis

Speaking with Lara Sengupta, founder of CorkYogis

‘In time it might change but at the moment it’s quite hard for social businesses to get investment’

CorkYogis founder Lara Sengupta on Dragons’ Den confusion, the future of CorkYogis and what’s needed for social business to thrive

To be honest I was completely terrified for two months before! You go to the audition for Dragons’ Den and then they give you a two-three month period where you know you’re going to be filmed but you have a gap between the filming. I was in India for those two months, doing some work with the charity over there. But the whole time, I was literally, terrified. You never know, sometimes you see a really lovely person with a great product and they [the Dragons] just tear them down. It was scary but at the same time it was good to push me out of my comfort zone. I was in there for an hour and a half, so in the 15 minutes that air, you don’t know which way they’ll swing it. They painted me in a good light – which was a relief.

I was prepared to be pulled apart on the financials, but in terms of the comment like, ‘oh, you seem confused, are you a business or a social enterprise’, I didn’t really know what to say. As far as I’m concerned, a social enterprise is a business and there are examples of amazing social businesses that do make money, a lot of money in fact. But people love them because of their social impact. I didn’t understand the comment really, and I didn’t want to reply, because I didn’t want to trip myself up! A lot of investors made their money at a time when social business didn’t really exist so I think it’s difficult for them to understand it as a business concept. I think in time it might change but at the moment it’s quite hard for social businesses to get investment. People have advised me to enhance the social aspect of CorkYogis when talking to customers but they say hide the social aspect as much as possible and lead on your ‘business side’ if you want investment.

TOMS inspires me. I knew I wanted to follow that business model with CorkYogis – we want our customers to be able to see what impact their purchase is making. Change Please is another social enterprise – completely different – that inspires me. Partnering with the Big Issue, they train homeless people as baristas, helping people get back in to work. TOMS didn’t get external investment. The founder sold his old business to fund TOMS. And Change Please got funding through the Big Issue. I don’t know a social business that has received big backing from investors in its early days.

We stand out in terms of our product as well as our social purpose. What makes our cork yoga mats different is that they are a lot more robust. We have done a lot of trial and error. The cork is very thin, so it doesn’t chip or crack as some other mats do. We work with a lot of yoga studios in London, especially hot yoga studios as our mats are really good for grip when you sweat. We’re currently focusing on getting in to the big studios like Gymbox. TriYoga has just started using our mats, which is exciting.

Everyone has business plans right at the beginning, but the way a business grows and develops is so different to how you think it’s going to be. We’ve had to keep adapting as we go. We’ve just started working with a sales team – which is great. They deal with the meetings with the prospective buyers – which is really handy as that is my worst nightmare! I guess hiring people to do jobs that you absolutely hate (read: are not very good at!) is the best way to spend money even if you don’t have a huge budget! Our focus in the next 2-3 years is to just keep growing, organically. We are splitting our time, focusing on increasing sales through the website and also targeting yoga studios. I would love to expand to the US eventually. So, yes, we’ll just keep working on the foundation and see where that takes us.

We’re working with the charity Destiny Foundation in India, who combat human trafficking and the challenges faced by the survivors of human trafficking by helping women learn employable skills. For every natural CorkYogis mat purchased, we provide a contribution towards a training course for one girl. It’s still early days, but maybe in the next year or so we’d also like to start our own charity, partnered with CorkYogis, so that we could develop our own courses and be able to better record, I guess, where the funds are going and the specific impact that they’re having.

I’m not sure if it’s possible to change investors’ views and standpoints, I think it’s more about different investors coming through. There needs to be more information available about how social businesses can raise funds. Most of the information out there is on how purely profit businesses can raise capital. And this is the route a lot of social businesses try to take – and it might not be the right or best one. Hopefully, the more exposure social businesses get, the more information there will be about how we can thrive.



CorkYogis launched in April 2016 by Lara Sengupta. The company’s core product is its ‘luxury cork yoga mat with a social purpose.’ CorkYogi’s product range includes cork yoga mats, cork yoga blocks, yoga accessories and yoga packages. You can find CorkYogi products on their website and also on Woocommerce, Amazon and eBay.


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COMPETITION HAS ENDED. WIN a legendary one night’s stay at ACE Hotel London Shoreditch

COMPETITION HAS ENDED. WIN a legendary one night’s stay at ACE Hotel London Shoreditch


WIN one night’s stay at ACE Hotel London

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3 ‘must tries’ when in Bocas

3 ‘must tries’ when in Bocas

Hi all, Ariel here. Today I want to share a part of the ‘real Bocas’ with you. These probably aren’t things you’ll hear from travel guides! Here are three things you must try when in Bocas. Heed this advice – it’s from a true ‘Bocas man’ – as we say.

 ONE – ‘dollar bag’

First things first, the famous ‘one-dollar bag’. This is actually now two dollars!! – inflation even reaches Bocas! Funnily enough, we still call it a one-dollar bag – or just ‘dollar bag’. This is Bocas’s version of a take away. It’s made up of fried chicken or fish and guess what else? … patacones! You can also have it with yucca, or as some of us may know it, cassava. I love this.

My mum getting our dollar bag in Almirante, Bocas del Toro. This is the best dollar bag around.

TWO – hot pepper sauce

Hot pepper sauce … Bocas style. This is not tabasco, it’s hot pepper sauce, Bocas style. This is on every table in every restaurant and in every household, used at every meal time. It’s Bocas’s equivalent of salt and pepper. As a matter of fact, you can skip the salt and pepper, but not the hot pepper sauce. And at $1.50 a bottle – it’s a bargain. Hot pepper sauce, love it!

THREE – agua de sapo

Now, this one is to wash down the dollar bag and the little bit of spice from the hot pepper sauce, it’s called ‘agua de sapo’. Translated this means ‘frog’s water’. Now I know it sounds gross, but stay with me. It’s called agua de sapo because it’s made from brown sugar mixed with lots of lime and water, so it has a misty, brown ‘dirty’ water look. But believe me, it’s the most refreshing, thirst quenching drink around!!! This might be a little bit trickier to find for the average tourist. But if you do find it, take a picture drinking it and post on Instagram with the hashtags #aguadesapo #bikutreehouse

Look out for a short video next week on our Instagram or Facebook, where I’ll tell you about patacones, and will try to do a video demo!

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From Bucks to Bocas

From Bucks to Bocas

Meet the other half of b í k u – Zabrina. She tells you why a girl from Buckinghamshire – England – wants to move to Bocas and why you’ll want to join her.

Why do you want to build treehouses in Panama, why are you doing this project?

It’s difficult to give one reason – there are multiple reasons really. It might sound like a cliché, but I don’t want to look back over my life in 20 years and wish that I had done more, wish that I’d been brave enough to take risks. As they say, you only live once. For me, two of the most satisfying things that you can do in life are be creative and help others. With b í k u, we get to do both. I’m excited about doing something where we’re creating things – rather than consuming. Consuming isn’t good for the soul.

What were your early influences?

That’s an interesting question – but an easy one to answer! I went home to my parents’ over the Easter weekend and spent some time looking through the photo albums my dad had put together for my 21st (some years ago now!) – it was fun. Looking through the photos it’s clear to see what – or who – my early influences were … my parents.

My childhood, the way that my parents have raised me has made me into the person I am today – with all my ‘wacky’ ideas – as my mum would say. They have instilled in me a love of people, a love of different cultures, a love of nature, of freedom and of being true to myself. Both my parents are medics – my mum a nurse and my dad a doctor – so I guess wanting to do something to help others comes from them and from what they pursued in their careers.

I could go on and on … I have so many memories from my childhood of being outdoors, being with nature, and I think that’s when I have been at my happiest.

Hard work is also something my parents instilled in me from a young age. This is demonstrated by the picture below! That was the way it usually went – me putting in the hard graft and my brother supervising. I’m lucky he’s not here to disagree!!

What we want to achieve with b í k u will be hard work. I’m under no impression to the contrary. But I think I’ve been conditioned quite well on that front!

Why Panama?

Apart from the obvious – in that my partner, Ariel, is Panamanian? Well, I have – ever since learning Spanish at school – developed a love for Spanish and Latin America. I had never been to Panama until my first trip with Ariel in 2014 – and I completely fell in love with the country. Where Ariel is from – Bocas del Toro – is in the North West of the country, on the Caribbean coast, and very close to the Costa Rican border. Strangely – or perhaps it’s fate – I spent a month in Costa Rica when I was about 19. I was just over that border, living in an indigenous community in Yorkín, helping to develop their eco tourism. This was part of a three month ‘expedition’ to Costa Rica I did with Raleigh International – a non profit, sustainable development organisation.

The wildlife and surroundings are very similar to what I had experienced in Costa Rica, so I actually felt very comfortable, almost at home! From an eco tourism point of view Panama makes complete sense; it’s overflowing with nature!

What is the single most important thing you want to achieve with your Panama treehouse project, b í k u?

From what I’ve seen, I think there are a number of businesses in Bocas that have played the short-term game. You know, they’ve wanted to get in their quick, maximise their profits, maybe get out again and then move on to the next project. With b í k u, we want to have a longer term investment. There’s definitely a gap in the market for a unique customer experience to be given not only through the nature of Bocas but also through design and highly personalised customer service.

We want to reinvest in the community, for the longer term – and be a spring board for other social businesses led by the community. We hope to inspire and to create a lasting change.

Can you do this by yourself?

No! We need your support, the support of people reading this – to make b í k u a reality. We have the passion, the drive, the vision – but need the support of a ‘crowd’ to raise the funds for the treehouse build. For those of you who have already been following our story, you’ll know that we’re going live with our crowdfund in September. For those of you who are less familiar with crowdfunding, there will be future blogs dedicated to this topic. But, in short – our crowdfund will be pre-sales. You will be able to book your b í k u treehouse holiday at a discounted price.

Tell us an unexpected fact about you.

I was held hostage in Tikal, Guatemala!


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A few more piccies from the photo albums Dad put together!

Bird watcher in training. Pssst, the other way round!
Me winning a race with my brother! Or, is he letting me win …
Rocking the matching macks