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Welcome to b í k u

The Panama treehouse retreat!

Inspired by friends and family, laughter and living slow – sloth style! We’re on a journey to build treehouses on a jungle island in the sun – oh, and make chocolate as well. We’d love for you to join us to help make this dream a reality. Register your interest to find out more about b í k u; join the family and be the first to get updates on our project, exclusive offers when our crowdfunding launches in spring 2018, and special prices when we start taking bookings for our treehouse holidays! 

We look forward to you being part of our journey and hopefully someday, our guests! There’s an island, a treehouse holiday and chocolate waiting for you …

About Us

Who are we?

So who are we? We’re the two halves of b í k u – one is Panamanian, from Bocas del Toro (Ariel) and the other is British (a true Welsh, Scottish and English mix – Zabrina). See our interviews in our blog posts to get to know us even better!

Ariel has lived outside of Panama since he was 17 and has been living in the UK for more than 15 years. He has worked in the hospitality industry for more than 20 years. Customer service is his main passion; as he notes himself, “it’s what I love and it’s what I do well”. He has worked at some of the top hotels in London including The Soho, Covent Garden (both of the Firmdale family of hotels) and ACE Hotel. And as for Zabrina, well, she’s always been a little unconventional – she’s a nature and culture lover with a passion for Latin America.

For both of us, now the timing is right to head to Panama and create something amazing, create something that will benefit the local community and environment – things that we love and care about deeply. Our dream, really, is chocolate in the treetops, on a tropical island. It’s pretty exciting!

We are crowdfunding in spring 2018 to raise the capital for the build – and as part of the crowdfund all you lovely people will be able to get great offers and perks! Register your interest to stay updated.

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Tropical rainforest
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What's The Story

Protect, Preserve and Share

We have always been driven by a desire to own our own business. For Ariel, to do this in his home country would be a real dream come true. Since he left Bocas, there have been significant changes – some for the better and some for the worse.

A large amount of investment has flooded in to Bocas in the past 20 years or so, and with that, a tourism boom. “I’m proud that so many people want to visit the beautiful islands where I come from – but I also hope that we are able to protect, preserve and share the colourful community, culture and nature I grew up with – including the sloths.”

Fishing - net throwing

Unfortunately some of the investment and subsequent businesses have not had these considerations at their core – and there is a real danger that in the pursuit of success, irreparable damage is being done to the local environment.

For the Bocas community in particular, we want to demonstrate that the land can be used in a sustainable and innovative way – that protects, preserves and shares what our small part of the world has been gifted with. The key is education and creating opportunity for sustainable income.

At b í k u, we hold these values at our core. We will reinvest money in to the community – to address environmental, educational and social issues.

Why Panama?


When I think about Panama I think about colour, life, nature and laughter. It’s a place full of warmth, it’s tropical, it’s vibrant, it’s green – and it’s a little crazy! In the best way possible.

Panama is a fascinating and unique country, and still relatively undiscovered. In many ways, Panama is a country of contrasts. It’s the perfect destination for whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s adventure, history and culture or pure relaxation and nature at its most beautiful.

For me, it truly is a treasure – and for many – an undiscovered one.

Don’t just take my word for it, Lonely Planet describes Panama as ‘a humming metropolis’, ‘a road trip adventure’; a land of ‘sun kissed panoramas’

Where is Panama? … Panama is that tiny, thin wiggle of land that connects North, Central and South America. It borders both the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean and sits between Colombia (to the East) and Costa Rica (to the West).

Panama is one of the fastest growing economies in Latin America. It has a population of just over 3.6 million.

Panama has a tropical climate and boasts 2,490 km of coastline. Its dry season runs from December through to May and the green season from June to November.

Panama has over 1500 types of tropical trees. Deforestation of tropical rainforest and mining of natural resources are both threats to Panama’s environment.

Latest blog Posts

The Blog



Someone who has inspired me since the very first day that I met him – since the very first conversation I had with him when he was still working at Ace Hotel (London) – is my good friend Nathan Miller…documentary filmmaker extraordinaire. A lot of people – including me – are inspired by well-known, successful individuals who have…

Inspired by social business

Inspired by social business

This week we’ve posted a few things on social media about projects and people that inspire us. Inspiration and being inspired keeps us pursuing our dream. It pushes us forward and it keeps us going on those really tough days when we question and doubt ourselves and wonder what the hell we’re doing!! Face your…

Being philoslothical

Being philoslothical

Welcome to the first of our weekly Wednesday blogs! What can you expect from these posts? Well, they will be a place where you can find out more about us, about the inspiration behind the bíku project, and our thoughts and comments on issues close to our and bíku’s heart. And what better place to…

Bocas connections

Bocas connections

Panama visit – day 9. Things are really ramping up with only a few days left before we fly back to the UK, and still so much to do! Day 9 was a busy day on the Bocas islands, reconnecting with old Bocas contacts and making new ones – all for future collaboration with bíku.…

Waking up to the sounds of nature

Waking up to the sounds of nature

Panama visit – day 8. Wow the time really is going quickly – we only wish we could extend our stay for at least a month or more! Our four days in Panama City were busy, with meetings to discuss our project and following leads with potential investors. We’ve got another round of meetings lined…

Beauty in the city

Beauty in the city

Panama visit – day 2. We’ll be trying to blog daily during our two-week recce to Panama. This is our last trip over here before our project crowdfunding in late September. We have meetings set up with conservationists, potential investors, collaborators, videographers, lawyers, builders and architects – so it will be a busy couple of…

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